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As the number of companies expand their back end, stock control and handling has become ever more complex. supermarkets, warehouses, wholesalers are putting there staff on a Forklift driver training course with Hidon Training in order to handle large amounts of stock efficiently. With out formal training, companies have reported losses due to accidents involving stock and equipment. To become qualified, search for 'forklift certification near me' to find your nearest qualified Hidon Instructor. Hidon Training is forklift truck training provider based in the Northwest covering all areas of the UK.


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We offer many aspects of training across a wide range of lifting equipment on customer premises at a very competitive price. Although we aim for 100% pass rate in some instances this is not always possible, however with our dedicated instructors and additional training time where required and sometimes providing training on a 1-1 basis, we have been able to covert our fails into passes giving us a 100% turnaround rate.

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Hidon Training operates nation wide. We offer forklift driver training in Manchester, Leeds, Nottingham, Birmingham, London, just to name a few. We have accredited instructors in every City. If your business requires staff to complete a forklift driver training course then feel free to get in touch. Here is a sample of some of our clients


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All the latest information regarding forklift driver training. if you require a forklift driver training course then you have come to the right place. We are a forklift truck training uk based company who are HSE and ABA Compliant

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If you require forklift driver training and would like to enrol on a forklift driver training course or would like to discuss an upcoming project then call or email us today! We'll be happy to provide a free initial consultation. We have fully qualified, accredited instructors that are able to offer training across many different truck types to the high standard set by the ABA (Accrediting Bodies Association - Workplace Transport) following the guidance set by the HSE L117 Approved Code of Practice (ACOP).

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