Why is forklift training important?

forklift training in motionWhether operating a PPT or a Rough Terrain it is equally important to complete forklift training on each truck type you will be operating.  There is no ‘one course for all’ training, however once completed initial training from one truck type it is then possible to then covert between groupings.

There are three stages to forklift training, it is the employers responsibility to ensure that staff receive adequate training to fulfil their duties as operators as safely as possible and guidance states that continual observations of operators to identify if any re training is required, not only for the operators safety but for staff working within the same work space – minimising the possibility of injury and in some rare cases even death.

Ensuring that all guidance is met with our AITT training at Hidon will ensure safe practice and assurance that the standard required is met.  From a business perspective this not only safeguards employees but also safeguards companies investments of expensive equipment, racking systems and stock too.  You wouldn’t want to put a learner driver who has not had any lessons in charge of your brand new car; it is the same principle with any lifting equipment also.

3 Levels of Forklift Training:

Before an operator is given the “Authority To Operate” by their employer, the L117 states the operator must have undergone training that consist of:

Basic Forklift Training

Basic training needs to fully cover the skills and knowledge needed to safely operate the type of lift truck the trainee will be required to use.

It must include:

  • A theory lesson (The law, stability factors, safely code)
  • Pre-use check Inspection procedure
  • Practical training in a controlled environment

Job Specific Forklift Training

This normally following the completion of basic training but may be combined or integrated with it.

It will be tailored to the employer’s particular needs and include, where appropriate:

  • Specific knowledge of the type controls of the lift truck to be use.
  • Conditions that the operator will meet at work
  • PPE
  • Safe systems of work

Familiarisation Forklift Training

This should be carried out on the job and under close supervision, by someone with appropriate knowledge.

It could include:

  • Applying, under normal working conditions, the skills already learned in basic and specific training
  • Becoming familiar with the lift truck activities of the employer
  • Understanding the site layout

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