Hidon Training provide onsite forklift driver training:

We are a specialist forklift driver training company that provides onsite training to our staff. This is because it is more practical for businesses to have staff trained up on site. They will in essence have hands on experience within the very premises they are working in.forklift driver training onsite

Here at Hidon we provide specialist forklift driver training on a range of vehicles and machines. Depending on what kind of forklift truck our clients use, depends on what level of training is required.

Why is forklift driver training so important?

It has been reported that there are around 8000 accidents relating to forklift trucks each year. Around 12 of those are fatal.  This is why British Health & Safety require staff to recieve forklift driver training to ensure that staff are operating equipment safely and not putting themselves or work collegues at risk of an accident.

Forklift related accidents in the workplace can prove very costly for the employer and member of staff. Payouts may need to made to the member of staff in question.  There can also be costly damage to the forklift trucks, premises and the complany stock. It is good for members of staff to recieve training on all forklift truck equipment and as a company you will be complying with UK legislation.

If your staff require forklift driver training or you wish to improve job prospects then feel free to get in touch with us.

eMail: info@hidontraining.co.uk or call: 07375 110338